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In-Home, Office or Remotely

Virus & Malware Removal Services 732-502-0727

  •  Diagnostic & Repair

    •  We will diagnose the type of infection and provide the proper remedies to remove viruses and malware that plague your system.

    •  We will get to the bottom of the problems plaguing your computer no matter what it takes.

    •  This is our specialty due to our vast experience doing this since 1998.

  •  Data Backup Concerns

    •  If needed, we will recommend back-up options to ensure protection of your important files, photos, music, etc. from hard drive issues. We will ensure essential information is, indeed, backed up.  Even though you may think you are backing everything up, many times there are file locations missed.

    •  Something often overlooked is ensuring Microsoft Outlook email (if you use it) files are captured. Unfortunately, Microsoft buries it deep in the file structure. If you live in Outlook, you definitely do not want to be surprised when your system crashes and the Outlook data is gone.

  •  Tune Up

    •  A proper end to the virus removal process is to enhance your computer's operations, boot-up speed, graphic capabilities and create optimal settings for your system.

    •  We will ensure all the extraneous programs running in the background are turned off.

    •  This optimization often improves performance similar to when it was new.

    •  Finally, we will help you make an informed decision if any upgrades or enhancements are desired or needed.