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  •  All Training Services are available anytime
     at your place with your computer or remotely over the web
  •  We can help you learn:
  •  Microsoft Office and many other software programs

  •  How to remove viruses and malware

  •  How to use Windows and Apple Macintosh

  •  Smart Phone Setup and Usage

  •  How to scan and send pictures

  •  How to be as efficient and effective as possible

  •  All kinds of shortcuts to make you computer  experience easier

  •  How to back up your pictures and files

  •  Almost anything related to computers

  •  No extra charges for evenings or weekends

  •  Call 732-502-0727


All training is conducted by
Daniel D. Cervo, MBA
Adjunct Professor, Monmouth University
Information Technology Department

or other Certified Professional